WELCOME to the home of the KOALA Caddie Knitting Bag Craft Apron,  offering today’s busy stitchers a better way to knit and crochet.

Etsy Review: “It is BEAUTIFUL … and the knitting accessory that I’ve been looking for … for YEARS! It’s Perfect!”

Etsy Review: “I don’t know what I did without this item … Love it … Opened it and put it to good use. Thank You”

DO you love to knit and crochet but dislike

•   Yarn shedding on your clothing?
•   Pet fur on and in your projects?
•   Spillovers to floors or soiled surfaces?
•   Interruptions and multiple transfers?
•   Fuzzing of early rows from friction and handling?

I decided to find a solution to deal with my list of complaints. The result of my efforts is an invention that I named the KOALA Caddie. It is a unique combination craft apron and knitting bag designed to keep projects and yarn free from fur, fuzzing, spillovers and tedious transfers, while providing a sturdy and stylish alternative to makeshift project carriers.


•   A 2-layered apron/tote with an expandable satin-lined pouch
•   Ample room for pattern, yarn, needles, hooks and project
•   An inside pocket for small items and notions
•   Options to adjust the waist and the length
•   Extra long ties and easy snap closures
•   An instant tote for both storage and carrying
•   Careful crafting using the finest materials

KOALA Caddie Knitting Bag Craft Apron is great for use at home and perfect for travel.  Crocheters and knitters say they love the versatility of the original, patented design and the wide selection of wonderful fabrics and coordinating details.

Expensive yarn and handmade creations have no business rolling on the floor or doing battle with kitty, dust, food, and germs. I’d LOVE to see a KOALA Caddie™ Yarn Craft Apron protecting the work of every crocheter and knitter, in her or his own unique and stylish way.

The KOALA Caddie is patented: US Patent D602230 and US Patent 7636949.

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