A Caddie A Day

When I started listing KOALA Caddies on Etsy, I came to appreciate what a great vehicle it is for the handcrafter. There is no initial investment – setting up one’s shop is free and the listing cost per item is only $.20 for 3 months. The sales fees are reasonable and most transactions are instant via PayPal. The smart and talented young people who developed this site provide a detailed Seller Handbook and add frequent updates and improvements. I LOVE IT!

photo day -pre-0081

The only part of the process that I found intimidating was the photography. I am a perfectionist – a good thing when producing a handmade product but not so good when feeling compelled to take 50 photos of each item to attain the 5 best images. Even now, after almost 2 years of listings, I still have about 450 photos on my camera for 20 Caddies.

When I added the slideshow to this website, I was happy that there was now a way to show the Caddie in all its configurations. You can imagine how many photos I took to get to the final 40. Bless Ann Kelleher of Fancy Purls Yarn Studio in Plymouth, MA, who modeled the Caddie for this undertaking.

I used to let the dreaded photos of finished Caddies go until I had about a dozen to list. My sister got tired of my whining and suggested that I take photographs and list each Caddie as soon as I finished it. This has worked very well. My goal now is to list a new Caddie each morning. This keeps my Etsy shop fresh and interesting and makes the listing process painless. The most recent additions are varied and each was a joy to make from these wonderful (and out-of-print) fabrics. There is a Laurel Burch, a novelty ladybug print from Michael Miller, a Tula Pink, a Timeless Treasures Sphinx, a Kaffe Fassett and a Keith Mallett print. See them all in my Etsy shop. Now it is time for me to get to work so that there will be a new Caddie to list tomorrow.

All is well ~ Mary