A Priceless Gift

THERE IS a special place in my heart for gifts that have worth and meaning far beyond the item bestowed. I received one of these gifts recently from a man who traveled with us to Mexico.

Frank lost his wife about 8 years ago and enjoyed watching me crochet. He commented that his late wife, Jeanine, was a lover of many crafts and had filled their lives with fabric, yarn, patterns, tools and accessories of all kinds. Frank knew how much pleasure this brought to her and so he was very sympathetic when I had to abandon my crochet hooks at Cancun’s airport security (see my earlier post: A Cautionary Travel Tale).

A priceless gift in Frank’s life now is Eileen, a longtime neighbor and friend, who was also alone after raising her family. They have built a wonderful relationship and her presence on our trip to Mexico was a joy. She has a marvelous sense of humor, and the best laugh in world.

jenines-crochet-hooks-blog-012We received a dinner invitation from Frank and Eileen on New Year’s day. We had a wonderful evening and a superb meal. I mentioned that I had ordered some wooden handled hooks to replace those that I lost. Frank went into the next room and returned with a small black zippered case. “These are for you,” he said. “They were Jeanine’s and I want you to have them.” I was touched beyond words by this gesture.

"desert sisters" from Alexander Henry Fabrics 1996
"desert sisters" - Alexander Henry Fabrics 1996

We are sisters – knitters, crocheters, spinners and crafters of every kind. Receiving another woman’s tools is an honor that perhaps only a fellow handwork creator could appreciate fully. An important part of a lifetime is represented in that little black case. I will use Jeanine’s hooks to make a special gift for Frank. I know that she would like that.

All is well ~ Mary