About the Company

DON’T YOU FEEL FORTUNATE to have discovered the world of knitting and crochet, spinning and crafting? It is amazing that a stick or two, a ball of yarn and a page of words join forces to become a chic, trendy sweater or a lovely blanket that will become a baby’s treasure.

I designed my yarn craft apron for myself due to the things that annoyed me when I was working on a project:

•  Interruptions
•  Fuzz on my clothes
•  Fur in my project
•  Yarns that resist unwinding
•  Afghans with early rows pilling and fuzzing from friction
•  Plastic bags holding hundreds of dollars worth of fine yarn

I would cringe when a baby project fell from my lap onto an airport floor; a ball of cashmere rolled across a church hall; a shedding pet inspected my work; or when a project pulled from a plastic bag was exposed to dust and germs.

I said to myself, “There has GOT to be a better way!”

In early 2008, I decided to tackle these complaints and develop ideas to fix them. The solutions were combined, reworked and refined at least a dozen times until I was satisfied with my invention. All of my woes were finally resolved and I loved it!

I believed that other crafters would find it useful and they did. I presented my newly named KOALA Caddie at the The Knitting Guild Association’s Knit and Crochet Show, in Manchester, NH. They were a big hit and I was delighted!

Many people suggested that I patent my yarn craft apron/tote. With the help and guidance of an expert patent agent, that was accomplished. I met my goal of offering a high-quality, handcrafted accessory, beautiful in design, versatile in function, at a reasonable price.

koala caddie design

koala caddie flat and folded

KOALA Caddie Yarn Craft Aprons can be seen at koalacaddie.etsy.com. And of course, look at How It Works to learn more about it.

Happy stitching, Mary Shooshan

. . . . . . . . . .

The KOALA Caddie is patented: US Patent D602230 and US Patent 7636949