Be My Valentine

vet-mexican-knitting-sheep-0921Saint Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Today I decided to scour my enormous stash for some fabric to make special gifts for those crafty loved ones in our lives.

At left is the first Caddie that I made using a modern patchwork heart fabric designed in Japan for Hobby Lobby Stores. It’s an oldie but a very goodie and will make lovely travel pillows too. I listed this Caddie in my Etsy shop today.

Catsnova from Balson ErlangerTwo other fabrics caught my eye in my first fabric sweep. The one to the right is titled “CATSNOVA,” designed by Nana for Balson Erlanger. It is very clever, with the debonair feline suitors pouring on the love.  The second, below, is another fabric designed for Hobby Lobby Stores and has a larger granny-square look with softer muted colors. This would be perfect for a sweet old-fashioned girl.

Granny Square ValentineI’ll get to work and will list Caddies and pillows in my Etsy shop as I make them. If you have questions, or want something special, please feel free to contact me either via Etsy convo, email –, the contact form in this website or through Ravelry (I am maryshoo). If your Valentine friend loves a special designer, critter, hobby or theme, I’ll bet that I might have the makings right here in KOALA Caddie land.

All is well ~ Maryfrogs in love

P.S. I listed this Caddie in my Etsy shop today (1/23). The fabric is rare and out of print (1996), “frogs in love” by Phillip de Leon of Alexander Henry Fabrics. See the listing and more cute photos by clicking HERE.


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