Do Ewe Knit

TIMELESS TREASURES Fabrics has a new collection that is sure to please knitters. It is called Do Ewe Knit and features bespectacled sheep industriously tackling their WIPs. Like Hen and Knitting Kitties before it, and certainly Michael Miller’s Knitmare On Elm Street, Do Ewe Knit is likely to become a wildly popular set of prints for knitting accessories of all kinds.

I have purchased the main fabric – the knitting sheep – as well as two of the companion fabrics – the balls of yarn on black, and the knitted stripe.  They are listed in my Etsy shop in the “Ready To Sew” section. Red, gray, white and black satins coordinate well as does pink, which matches the sweet shade of ears and blushing cheeks. I can’t wait to start sewing these Caddies.

I am glad to make satin-back travel pillows from these fabrics, or coordinate two for the front and back of a cotton-back pillow. Feel free to email me or to use the Etsy convo to request a special order. Prices for these will be the same as for pillows and Caddies already made and listed.

For those of you who want to purchase Do Ewe Knit fabric, I have some resources to share. I purchased mine at Fabric Paradise, a great fabric website. Now the wonderful Etsy shop 3dogdesigns has the main sheep fabric listed, and also many other hard-to-find cat and dog fabrics. For other places to purchase online, do an item search at I have learned to buy fabric that I love sooner rather than later because later usually means too late or paying higher prices for out-of-print treasures.

All is well ~ Mary