Fabric Choices

CONSIDERING the thought, time and care put into each KOALACaddie™ creation, why choose any but the best and most beautiful materials?

When you shop for your special Caddie, you will encounter the names of the finest quilting cotton manufacturers in the world – a very impressive list.  Whenever possible, I will tell you the name of the fabric, the designer and the fabric house producing it.

Most Caddies will be one-of-a-kind because I usually buy fabric one yard at a time.  There are some fabrics that are just too perfect to buy only one yard.  In this case, I vary the linings and details, making it rare to find two that are exactly alike.


Each Caddie is lined with satin in one of over 30 beautiful colors.  I choose the finest thread, snaps and cordlocks to complement the color and design of the fabric.  The KOALACaddies that are made of cotton/satin are washable.

The care instructions are included with your purchase.  I will be making some very exclusive Caddies using fabrics that may need special care, and that will be noted.




Timeless Treasures Fabric, Inc.
2007 pattern #HEN-C2903

Enjoy searching for your KOALACaddie™ at koalacaddie.etsy.com and experience a smarter way to knit and crochet. .