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Cast On Magazine

Product Review – by Penny Sitler, The Knitting Guild Association

CastOn review Koala Caddie

“Have you ever been sitting in a waiting room working on a knitting project, only to have your yarn roll off your lap and across a not-so-clean floor?  How about when you’re knitting away at home and the phone rings?  You madly scramble to collect your project, set it down without the needles slipping out, and rush to the phone, only to have it stop ringing before you can get there.”

“Avid stitcher Mary Shooshan has developed the most brilliant project container I’ve seen – the KOALA Caddie – because of those same scenarios.  Part craft apron, part project bag, the KOALA Caddie wears like an apron, and has a pouch to hold your project.  Snap it shut, and your supplies stay put.  Untie it and everything is protected till you’re ready to get back to work.  Each is uniquely handcrafted of lovely fabric, with a matching satin lining.”

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Product Review – by Katherine Lee, Founder and Owner of

“Recognizing that many knitters and crocheters are productivity-lovers (AND like to protect their time and $ investment in their projects) like me, Mary Shooshan designed and developed these craft tote/storage bags called the KOALA Caddie Knitting Bag Apron and here is my official review!”

“I was very impressed with Mary’s website, as it has extensive photos on the many ways to use the Koala Caddie. This just proves how thorough she was in designing it, as the photos visually explain all the ways the tote can be easily converted for use in different situations and by different users.”

“The workmanship on these Koala Caddies is gorgeous. I can barely sew, but I certainly can recognize a pro! These bag/aprons are meticulously cut and sewn together, with beautiful satin linings to protect your knitting and yarn. Mary uses pretty snaps and toggles that allow you to convert the bag/apron as needed.”

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Kona Bay Fabrics

Product Review – by Douglas Eagleson, Founder of Kona Bay Fabrics

Koala Caddie in gold

“The Etsy Community boasts nearly 2 million members and growth doesn’t seem to be slowing.  Each seller has their own shop where you can buy their products and learn more about them.  It’s boutique shopper’s paradise!  I’ve also heard that it’s a source of inspiration for many.  I wanted to share a few fun products I found today.”

KOALA Caddie has developed a unique craft apron for knitters and crocheters.  I think these clever aprons could be appreciated by handywomen (and men!) of all kinds.”


Cultured Expressions Fabric Challenge

Winners Announced on the Cultured Expressions Website
By Lisa Shepard Stewart

“Grand Prize Winner is Mary Shooshan.  Mary’s Craft Apron/Tote is an original design, primarily for use by knitters and crocheters, but equally useful for many other activites, even as a great casual handbag.  Notice how the cowrie shell section of the stripe is highlighted along the opening panel.”

……………………………………………………… – CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Etsy Review
“Oh, where have you been all my life? I love, love, love this apron!!! No longer will I be dealing with extraneous dog hair and I can walk around too ~ Perfect! The workmanship is superb and arrives in record time. She’s a delight to deal with ~ you won’t be disappointed.”
Etsy Review “Great Features; snaps allows for smaller projects and unsnapped larger projects and fabric is fabulous as well as the lining. Well constructed and very unique design. Just loving it! Now I can Knit and get other things done without losing my place. This apron allows for your project to be quickly closed up. Very important if you have kitties who love to help you by stealing your yarn. Used it traveling in the car, it help to keep everything together. My favorite go to project bag.”

Etsy Review
“Absolutely the greatest knitting bag ever! So well made and versatile. I love it….. I recommend everyone buy one.”

Etsy Review
“What a great idea!! There is nothing quite like this! Very nicely made, super quality! I love this !!! Made quickly from fabric I requested, shipped quickly, with quick communication and updates from seller. Best thing I’ve bought in years! Thanks!!”

Etsy Review
“Well made, great size with lots of flexibility to adjust for a smaller project, seller was a pleasure to deal with, and the fabric is just the best! I love this so much! I sew, so I have no desire to buy a simple project bag that I can easily make myself. This design is worth my money, and I’m so happy to have it!”

Etsy Review
“I’ve been “wearing” it for a couple days now and really enjoy being able to easily convert from full to half apron to messenger bag so easily. Great stash place for my current project. Thank you very much!!”

Etsy Review
“This bag is pure genius. It makes commute knitting and car knitting (as passenger obvs!) sooooooo muuuuuuuuucccch easier and better. I have carried and knitted from it as an apron, cross-body/messenger bag and as a shoulder bag and it works equally well in all configurations. I have a sweater in it now and it is certainly roomy enough for the WIP and an extra ball of yarn or two, without being so roomy you have to dig around. I also have my pattern, notions and iPhone (I use a row counter app) inside; I literally could step off my train, walk through the station and catch my bus without missing a stitch. The construction is top notch and I adore the Kaffe fabric. I have a large businessy tote for work, and this pops right inside, meaning I don’t have to schlep multiple bags to carry work stuff and knitting stuff.”

Etsy Review
“Best purchase I could have made, amazing with my wheelchair and the best fabric ever.”

Etsy Review
“Love, love, LOVE this product! I can’t say enough great things about it. It is exactly what I needed: a place to hide my knitting from my toddler’s prying eyes! :) The quality of this apron’s construction is evident – it is a top-notch design. Fast shipping and wonderful service from seller. Highest recommendation!”

Etsy Review
“You saved my yarn and knitting from my Australian Shepherd, Charlie! :) Words can’t describe the genius of this design! Mary, you deserve to be featured in ALL knitting magazines. When I saw the video of the many ways it could be used, I was sold. Then I saw the cute ladybugs and aqua satin-I was sold again. I could hardly pick only one! Etsians-your yarn and hard work is expensive. Don’t let it go unprotected-as in the case with my dog running off with my yarn he picked out of my vintage knitting basket–get yourself one of these as an investment. I currently am knitting a man’s size L bulky sweater, and it fits into the Koala Caddie when it is snapped up shorter! Also- I assumed being a proud plus size girl I would have to use it as a totebag or crossbody…but lo and behold I can wrap it around my waist and come back in front with room to spare! Ok, ’nuff said, but you WON’T be disappointed in the product, customer service, communication, and fast shipping.”
KOALA Caddie Knitting Bag Craft Apron holds two patents:
US Design Pat. D602230 & US Utility Pat. 7636949.