IT has been a wonderful experience demonstrating and selling KOALA Caddies™ to crocheters and knitters at meetings, yarn shops, and shows.  I try to offer a wide variety of designs and colors, and it is fun to see how diverse we are in our choices.

There is one exception to that observation – and it has to do with cats!  Simply put, most of us love them.  So you will always find a number of Caddies displaying kitties with and without yarn, being cute, naughty, sweet, crazy, elegant, and mysterious – well, you know, being CATS.


Needlecraft themes, pups, sunflowers, and ethnic designs are also very popular.  I usually make only one of each unique fabric.  My motto is:  So many fabrics, so little time.  When anyone asks me which is my favorite Caddie, I usually reply, “the one that I’m making.”

Now, you can purchase KOALA Caddie™ Yarn Craft Aprons online at koalacaddie.etsy.com.

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