About the Company

DON’T YOU FEEL FORTUNATE to have discovered the world of knitting and crochet, spinning and crafting? It is amazing that a stick or two, a ball of yarn and a page of words can join forces to become a trendy sweater or a lovely baby blanket to treasure.

I love my craft, but disliked the tedious issues that dampened my enjoyment. I decided to find a better way to deal with my complaints. The result of my efforts was an invention that I named the KOALA Caddie. It is a unique combination craft apron and knitting bag designed to keep projects and yarn free from fur, fuzzing, spillovers and tedious transfers, while providing a sturdy and stylish alternative to makeshift project carriers.

view of Koala Caddie open

In early 2009, I launched a website for the KOALA Caddie that includes a slideshow of its many configurations. I opened an online shop on ETSY.com and applied for design and utility patents. Both were issued by the end of the year: US Patent D602230, US Patent 7636949.

The KOALA Caddie has received outstanding reviews from respected knitting sources. In the November 2008 issue of Cast On magazine, Penny Sitler wrote a review calling the KOALA Caddie the “most brilliant project container I’ve seen.”

I have sold hundreds of KOALA Caddies on Etsy.com and at shows and demonstrations. I have sent them worldwide to first-time and repeat buyers. Customer feedback has been extraordinary. One Etsy buyer wrote, “I really love using my Koala Caddie, and love the thoughtful engineering evident in every part of its design!” Another wrote, “I don’t know what I did without this item… Love it.” This is my favorite: “Awesome product! I think it will change my knitting life.

knitting apron shown with yarn

knitting apron Koala Caddie

I make each KOALA Caddie by hand. I am a one-woman enterprise. I know that my knitting bag apron is ready to be made, marketed and distributed successfully on a much larger scale. To this end, I am reaching out to individuals and companies that might recognize its proven sales potential and its significant value as an investment. At this time, my goal is to license or sell the utility and design patents which are in effect for another 10 and 5 years respectively.

If you would like to know more about the KOALA Caddie Knitting Bag Craft Apron, you may reach me by email at: maryshoo@yahoo.com or by phone at 508-295-8539.